Green World 2017 will reveal (Un)known secrets of the insect world

The Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic announced the 22nd year of the international competition of children and youth art creativity, called GREEN WORLD 2017. The aim of this event, which is organized by the Slovak Environmental Agency, is to instil in children a love for nature and the environment by creating habits and skills in artistic expression.

This time, competitive works in the form of paintings, drawings, graphical works, colour and black-and-white films, animated films and comics should capture the (Un)known secrets of the insect world. This theme offers young artists an opportunity to display in their work the richest in species and certainly the most remarkable group of shapes of animals. Each insect class has its irreplaceable role in the ecosystem.  For example, insects pollinate flowers and represent a major component of food for many birds, bats and reptiles. 

Winners will afterwards be chosen during April by jury. A celebratory results announcement is planned a month later at the International film festival Ekotopfilm - Envirofilm 2017. The organizer will organize a travelling exhibition from the most successful works, which will start its journey in Slovakia, in Banská Bystrica, in the historical city hall during the film festival.